12/10 2017


I'm tired and not happy. The site have been down for a couple of days due to a hacker attack. Had to wipe everything from the site and go back to my last copy. All posts from 2016 and 2017 are gone. Of well, it could be worse I guess...

The cassette is still available, I have 4 copies left. Easiest way to buy it is from the bandcamp-site. If you like to listen to my music the modern way you can also have a listen on spotify.

9/12 2015

Töväder, a new acid track

It’s December already and everybody is running around consuming stuff. Well not everybody, I did some new music instead :) Have a listen on the Acid Pop website, the track is called Töväder. Here’s a direct link to the track if you’re lazy.

20/3 2015

Rundgång i C-moll

Another late night jam with the monomachine, bass station 2 and my new little friend: the volca keys. Lots of delays and reverb and feedback! Wohoo! Made under my alias erkomusic.


3/10 2014

Jamming with new machines

I bought a new little machine a month ago and is really happy with it. It's a monomachine mk1 from the swedish company elektron. I uploaded a jam I made earlier today that you can have a listen to on my soundcloud-page.


5/6 2014

Djay on the iPhone

I've been having a lot of fun with the app Djay 2 from algoriddim for the iphone. It's not a professional thing but you can create a decent mix with some looping, effects and other fun stuff. Anyway, I uploaded a mix on mixcloud an hour ago. Check it out here: mixcloud.com/Sjk.

6/5 2014

Version of Acid Trax

If you're into the music I dig then you probably have heard the track Acid Trax by Phuture. I did a version of the track yesterday just for fun and now it's listenable on my soundcloud. Enjoy!

28/1 2014

New tools

I've invested in a new computer and the a new music program (logic pro x). Haven't completed any songs yet but I think will be able to release some new stuff before the summer. We'll see...
In the meantime check out TM404, Patrick Cowley and Jon Hopkins who made some of the best electronic albums in 2013.

2/12 2013

Acid track

I'll be part of the upcoming compilation "ACID DECEMBER 2013" which the fine folks at devsound are releasing. It's a step into a more minimalistic landscape for me. The main ingredient is of course the sound of a TB-303. Since I don't own that praticular hardware synth I have used software synths that make similar sounds.

The track will be available some day in December on the devsound website. New songs are posted on the webiste every day. Go check it out!

23/11 2013

New website!

This is better, isn't it? I'll post some more stuff here soon.

29/10 2013

New video!

The new video made for the song Tech-No-No! Check it out on Youtube!

23/10 2013

The EP is finally released!

TECH-NO-NO was released October 21, 2013. It is the debut EP of swedish artist Sir Jon Keason. You can stream the EP on Spotify or soundcloud. You can buy the album on iTunes or Bandcamp.